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Mini Online Sale October 25, 2022 on cci.live
Offering a small, but very elite group of top donor prospects and embryos!

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Erica of Ellston A12 - one of the heifer calves available in the “Pick of the spring 2022-born Erica ET heifers”

Miss Blackcap Ellston Z400 - one of the fall heifers available in the “Pick of the Fall 2021-born Hoover Angus Heifers"

Hoover Angus Homemade Ice Cream Contest!

Crank your best homemade ice cream and be part of this tasty event! $500 in prize money to be given away by Hoover Angus for this small-town Iowa event! If you don’t make ice cream, bake a pie for the Jenny Tull Memorial pie contest. Or just come to eat and have a good time! For more information on the free meal to be provided, check out the Tingley Memorial Park page on Facebook.

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Mogck Empire 110

Semen orders for heifer projects have been coming in from commercial producers in several different states on Empire, including repeat customers who used Empire last year, and have doubled their semen order for 2022!

Empire calves were born early and light, but our oldest ones are showing promise of the growth projected in Empire's EPDs. Empire calves born to two year-olds at Hoover Angus averaged an ideal 72 pounds; Empire calves out of mature cows (mainly larger BW cows) averaged 76 pounds.

As always, Hoover Angus is proud to have you view our herd bulls and cattle in person. Empire is currently at CGS in Mitchell, South Dakota being collected, before he will breed heifers at Mogck & Sons. Then in May, Empire will return to Hoover Angus for natural service duties.

2022 Sale Catalog Now Online
Please visit https://hooverangus.com/sales.html to download the sale catalog and more information!

Hoover Genetics Fare Well in Oklahoma City!
Congratulations to Eagle Grip Cattle Co. on selling this beautiful Hoover No Doubt daughter in the Angus at the Cattlemen’s Congress sale for $34,000! 2S Angus in Seneca, MO took home this elite female who is a full sister to the growth champions and high-selling bulls at the Cal Poly Bull Test for three years running! No Doubt genetics continue to deliver value to herds throughout the country.

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