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Nine decades ago near the town of Ellston in southwest Iowa, F.W. Hoover purchased his first Angus cows and began what is now one of the oldest Angus herds in the nation. F.W. Hoover became partners with his son-in-law John Kiburz. Bulls carried the prefix "H&K" which stood for Hoover & Kiburz. Today, bulls carry the "Hoover" prefix instead of "H&K". All females now born at Hoover Angus bear "Ellston" in their name to signify the herd's home place. Cow families at Hoover Angus date back up to 18 generations of females bred, born, and raised at Hoover Angus.

Walt & Sadye Hoover
First Generation

The Hoover family homesteaded in 1856, over 160 years ago. The Hoover family was the first family in Union County to receive the Heritage Award at the Iowa State Fair for over 150 years of continual family ownership of a tract of land. Caring for the land and the cattle is not only our sole profession, it is our passion and way of life, and has been for the past 6 generations of the Hoover family.

The Family
Second generation of Hoover Angus, John Kiburz, third generation David & Joy (Kiburz) McFarland and fourth generation Andrew & Landi (McFarland) Livingston currently own and operate the Angus herd. No family members have "off farm" jobs, and Angus cattle support three generations of the Hoover family.

John & Barb Kiburz
Second Generation
David & Joy McFarland
Third Generation
Andrew & Landi Livingston
Fourth Generation

John is now 92 years old, and arrives at the farm at 6:30 am every day ready to feed bulls. Most days he puts in a 10+ hour day mowing hay, feeding cattle, running errands, etc. John still manages the crops grown that are utilized to feed the cattle. David is the farm’s mechanic and jack-of-all-trades and Joy does farm record keeping and helps with outside duties. Andrew works full time with the cattle, and Landi manages the cow herd (breeding, feeding, vaccination protocols, etc), customer relations, and the annual production sale. Currently, Hoover Angus employs 4 full-time employees besides family members.

Present Day
At present, the cow herd numbers around 300 registered spring calving cows and 100 registered fall calving cows. Hoover Angus encompasses over 2300 owned acres in Ringgold and Union counties.

Annual Production Sale
Approximately 110 bulls and 75 females sell in each February's Production Sale, always the first Tuesday in February. The Hoover family writes their own unique sale catalog and manages their own sale. The sale catalog is one of the most in-depth bull books published in the country. Bulls are offered for sale private treaty throughout the spring months. Females are sold once a year in the annual sale. We encourage visitors to come to the farm prior to the annual production sale to look at the cattle with less people and congestion. Please give Landi a call at 641-344-7684 to schedule an appointment, or Joy at 641-344-3234.

Herd Priorities
While it is Landi’s philosophy to have balanced cattle that excel in numerous areas such as calving ease, growth, structure & phenotype, ribeye, udder quality and excellent docility, the high docility is definitely a hallmark trait for Hoover Angus genetics. We have selected for disposition excellence for many generations, and it is one of the main reasons repeat customers come back to Hoover Angus year after year.

We believe in data collection to make improvements to the herd and breed, and have been one of the first herds in the breed to turn in significant amounts of temperament scores and foot scores on all yearling animals, since the American Angus Association started accepting scores for these traits. Of course we participate in submitting data to the AAA on the more common traits, such as birth, weaning, and yearling weights, ultrasound data, mature cow scores, heifer breeding data, and genomic data.

For a detailed Hoover Angus History, click here.

Four generations of the Hoover Angus Family.
Front: Landi, Gwen, John, Joy, and Ty
Back: Andrew and David
Photo credit: Steve Kirby
Top 10 Industry Leader Under 40

Landi was selected as one of Cattle Business Weekly's "Top 10 Industry Leaders Under 40" for 2013 and was featured on page 49 of their October Herd Reference Guide.

Gwen & Ty - September 2022
David & Joy
Summer 2022
View of the main farm from the south
Summer 2022 Sunrise
Early Summer Grazing
Fourteen year-old cow at Hoover Angus
Joy & David - Summer 2021
Calves enjoying a nice summer day!
Landi & John - 2021 Hoover Angus Sale
Ty with his first fawn!
Ty enjoying the oats - summer 2021
Gwen (4 years old) reading calf tags while working calves
Andrew with Gwen & Ty on No Doubt’s flush sister
Gwen cutting apart patches during AI season
Andrew & Ty Spring 2021
John (age 95) evaluating fall heifers. Photo courtesy of Jeff DeYoung, Iowa Farmer Today
Gwen and her first bottle calf, Princess Lovey
Andrew & Ty going to check cows
Hoover Angus Family & Crew - December 2020
Andrew, Landi, Gwen & Ty - December 2020
Hoover Angus heifers on a foggy morning with the main farm in the far distance
Heifers at Hoover Angus
Andrew, Landi, Queen Gwen & King Ty with their first bottle calf, Princess Lovey, at the 2021 Ringgold County Fair Pee Wee Wrangler Show. They received the award for “Best Behaved”.
John, age 95, at the microphone at the 93rd Anniversary Hoover Angus Sale
Gwen checking the beans” in the 2020 Ward Laboratories Calendar
Christmas Day, 2019 at Hoover Angus
Gwen helping Joy with cards at the 2020 Hoover Angus Sale
Ty concerned about why his cars are on David’s birthday cake!
Moving cows at Hoover Angus
Entice bull calf shortly after weaning
Ty helping plant beans - he loves tractors!
Sunrise at Hoover Angus
Curious heifers during breeding season
Andrew, Landi, Gwen & Ty
Andrew & Gwen choring on the Fourth of July
Sunrise at Hoover Angus
Potential 5th Generation Angus Breeders - Gwen & Ty
Gwen heat checking cows
John visits Sydenstrickers right before his 94th birthday to look at cattle
Sunrise at Hoover Angus
Spring 2019 at Hoover Angus
Kevin, Anna, Gwen & Ty (sleeping) getting ready for a cattle drive
Gwen baling hay (or she thinks she is)!
Gwen & Ty
Gwen & Ty
David & Joy on their 40th wedding anniversary
Andrew & Gwen
Andrew & Ty
The view from Andrew & Landi’s driveway
Adopt-A-Highway 2019
Sunrise from the fall calving pasture
Gwen checking the weaned bull calves
Landi & Gwen
Photo courtesy of Laura Conaway, Certified Angus Beef
Cows graze on the original Hoover homestead
Photo courtesy of Laura Conaway, Certified Angus Beef
Fall-born calves
Photo courtesy of Laura Conaway, Certified Angus Beef
Four generations of “Hoover gals” the day Gwen was born. Great grandma Barb (Hoover) Kiburz - January 24, 1926 - March 1, 2017
Hoover Angus Family & Crew hosts Mexican officials
John, David, Joy, Gwen, Landi & Andrew
Sunrise at the main farm
Fall cows graze at the main farm
John showing off yearling heifers to visitors
Cows enjoying a late summer day at Hoover Angus
Sunrise at Hoover Angus
Docility pays!
Gwen loves helping check the cows
John evaluates MBG Delmonico before purchasing the bull
Iowa State University beef class visits Hoover Angus
Tingley Halloween Parade
Gwen loves the cattle!
Andrew & Gwen checking the bulls
Landi & John
Photo courtesy of Kathryn Gamble
Landi’s photo as it appeared in the New York Times after Landi spoke out about lack of health insurance options for Iowans
Photo courtesy of Kathryn Gamble
Going to check fall cows - Joy, Anna, Gwen & Landi
Head high by the Fourth of July! Gwen checking the beans.
Docility is important at Hoover Angus!

Landi poses by the side of the FarmHer trailer where she is pictured holding a calf
John & Gwen
At 15 1/2 years of age, we buried TC Gridiron 258 north of our bull barn
Live triplets born at Hoover Angus
Gwen ready to go explore the farm
Hoover Angus Crew
Andrew & Landi Harvest 2015
David & Joy McFarland
The “county line” road connecting two Hoover Angus locations
Landi is an AGvocate whenever she gets a chance, speaking to both agriculture and non-agriculture groups
Adopt-A-Highway 2016
Visitors at Hoover Angus
Hoover Angus Main Farm
View from the Main Farm
The original calving barn still in use at Hoover Angus!
Cattle enjoying a beautiful summer day
Living in “God’s Country” as it is often referred
Alta Genetics visits Hoover Angus
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